Thursday, February 23, 2012

beginning photoshop, continued

Here are the rest of my projects for the Beginning Photoshop class--I should've posted them before the next class, but oh well...

This lesson taught us how to use Quick Pages.  We wanted to take some pictures of my kids with my grandpa, since who knows when we'll ever see him again, but Simon was way more interested in Grandpa's stuff! (used Happy Place QP from Fly Pixel Studios)

This lesson was about "strokes," which are colored outlines you can use on (I guess) just about anything.  If you stroke an element with white, it'll come out looking like a sticker.  We also learned how to "clip" a background paper to the text  and had to practice changing the color of a picture to sepia or black & white.  (used Oogy Boogy Pack from Just So Scrappy)

I know I look awful in these pictures, but Nate is so funny with his puppy dog eyes and his mouth getting wider and closer to the straw, that I just had to scrap 'em!

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