Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here's another challenge I did--find a favorite layout and scraplift it.  I had just discovered one (again by Wendy Tunison--coincidence, I swear!)  and wanted to try it anyway.  I used Angie Hinksman's Baby Soft Papers from and some elements from Wendy Tunison's Country Market, at, because I knew the colors would work with my papers.  It turned out cute, but how could it go wrong with such an adorable photo?

This was Autumn's first costume (she was one) since she had only a bib and pumpkin hat as a baby.  I sewed it out of this curly silky fabric which was so soft, but way too slippery for sewing!  She was so adorable, though.  Too bad you can't see her lamby blankie (lovey) that she was clutching in every other photo.  Oh, wait!  She was reaching for a Tootsie pop in some of the shots.

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